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Transformative Hypnotherapy & Mindset Coaching 

Rise Above The Conditioned Mind And Experience Freedom.

We all came onto this planet whole and perfect. A blank slate expressing our true nature of love and joy.

And then the programming and conditioning started.

Parents, caregivers, schooling, friends and society at large began leaving their imprints on our subconscious mind, molding us to be the person that we are today.

If we were among the fortunate few whose programming and conditioning was filled with love, acceptance, encouragement, positivity, optimism and gratitude, we go through life with more resilience, experiencing success, great relationships, and an overall feeling of well-being.


Was it the opposite? And we're now finding it hard to love and accept ourselves, experiencing financial instability, lacking love, experiencing mental and emotional hardship with a general feeling of not being good enough?

The good news is, we are NOT our programming! Inside of us all still resides that wonderful child filled with wonder, play and joy. It is the programming that is the problem - Not us!
And guess what? We can change the programming. We can press Ctrl-Alt-Delete on those faulty files and recode, re-install, and rewire the brain-mind to live our best lives yet.

I can help you with:

Emotional and Mental Well-being

Eliminate  stress and anxiety, overcome depression, fear and self-doubt. Heal childhood trauma and re-awaken the joy that is your birthright.

Personal growth

Silence the "inner critic" to Improve self-esteem and gain phenomenal confidence.  Develop a deeper connection with your authentic self to stand in your truth and power. Live the life you've always dreamed of.

Career, Work, Business

Improve career satisfaction, gain clarity on your career path, love your work, Start or grow your business by transforming your work and money mindset. 

People and Relationships

Attract love into your life, Repair your marriage and relationship, find increased connection with loved ones.

Methods I Use:


Meet Herrieta...

Herrieta Obriko, is a clinical hypnotherapist, RTT therapist, and mindset coach. She holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology, certifications in Neuro-Linguistic programing and Life Coaching.


Her fascination with the mind began in her teenage years when she went through crippling depression and anxiety. She had an insight that it was her mind that was causing her the pain and started on working to change her mind. After years of inner work, her dream of living a positive life filled with happiness and joy is now a reality. A reality that she now shares and helps her clients achieve.

Herrieta fervently believes that indeed the “kingdom of heaven is within”

Herrieta’s hypnosis and mindset work is greatly influenced by her spirituality. She grew up in the Catholic faith but needing more, she studied and practiced the eastern philosophies of Budhism and Hindusim. She also studied and embraces the ancient Greek philosophy of stoicism.

Herrieta lives in Seattle with her 10yrs old daughter, tons of house plants and art that she’s collected from the more than 25 countries she’s visited. She hopes to visit Antarctica by the time she turns 50!

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Anthony G.

You are a true light-worker and phenomenal at what you do. I feel so incredible. Thank you!

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Kathleen J.

I have tried therapy, medication, even ayahuasca for relief from major depression and cPTSD, and I can honestly say that RTT is the best investment I have ever made in myself.

A single visit and the lifelong knot in my stomach is gone. I am simply not the same person I was before going. The English language fails to describe my sense of relief, joy, and gratitude for the gift that is Herietta.

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Leah D.

The best time and money I have ever spent. I am so grateful! I am already experiencing what it feels like to be happy like I never have before.


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